telling a brand story that is meaningful, impactful, and action-oriented is more important than ever in the world of not-for-profit organizations of all kinds.

It’s a competitive world, with organizations trying to do more with limited resources and limited time. At Kurman Communications we work with many organizations to help them shape their mission and goals. Then we develop and implement a communications plan that will help them raise funds and increase volunteer participation so they can focus on accomplishing their mission.

shaping their missions and goals.

Many organizations have a strong vision for what they want to accomplish, but they don’t have a structure in place to achieve results. We can help by working with board members and staff to gain focus, establish priorities and build a framework around which their organization can thrive. We might help them identify committees that need to be formed and programs that need to be developed. We can help by writing a mission statement and strategic plan that board members can reach consensus on.

telling the story.

With a mission and plan in place, it is our job to help the organization reach out to its various constituencies. We do this through a strong media relations, marketing and social media strategy. When events are being planned, often a major undertaking, we can also help with the planning and managmement of the event or consult with a team of volunteers to help keep everything moving forward.


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